santas land

If you were Santa, wouldn't you want to spend your Summer Vacation in Cherokee NC? Well that's exactly what he does and you can visit him at Santa's Land. Not only will you get a chance to give him an early notice of what you want for Christmas, you also get to enjoy several other aspects of the park. This Cherokee attraction has been around for years and years. There are many grandparents who went their as a child and now look forward to treating their grandkids to this Cherokee, North Carolina staple.

Fun Land features several attractions including the famous Rudicoaster, a roller coaster suitable for young children. You will not want to miss Santa's Express Train, where you get to ride throught the 25 acre park while seeing FunLand, ZooLand, and Santa's Village. You can drive your own race car on the Kiddie Kar, where you get to steer and change gears. If you are more into water sports, drive your own boat at the Boat Ride, or ride the Paddle Boats and visit Mokey Island. If you like the sky, take a ride on the Helicopter Ride or Ferris Wheel. There's plenty to experience at Santa's Fun Land.

Want to see how Santa lives? Visit him at Santa's Village where you can see Santa's House in Cherokee North Carolina. You'll appreciate the fine craftmanship that he uses on his toys is evident in his house as well. While you're there, make sure to visit him and be the first one to get on his list for the next Christams. Of course, Frosty can't be far away from Santa, so after visiting Santa, go ahead and swing by and visit Frosty at his house as well. And if you want to see some of Santa's magic, make sure you visit the Jingle Bell Theatre.

From there, head on over to Zooland and visit Cherokee's second most popular summertime guest, Rudolph. You can also visit Rudolph's summertime friends, the bears, monkeys, bobcats, goats, and baby tigers.

Santa's Land admission is around $18.00 per person, and they are open from May until November. We highly recommend a visit to Santa's Land during your stay at Cherokee Cabin . You can visit their website at

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