grannys kitchenGranny's Kitchen has become a landmark in Cherokee, North Carolina. They are located at a major intersection in a strip mall, but yet you could drive by it 10 times and never notice it. But once you do find it, you will make sure you visit on every trip to Cherokee Cabin.

This quaint little diner serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but what has made them famous is their pancakes. Not only do they have good pancakes, they have a larger variety of pancakes that just about any place you will visit in the United States! They also have two breakfast buffets that are not the largest buffets you will find, but what they do have is wonderful. Because they are usually very crowded for breakfast, the buffet food is rotated very quickly, which means the food is always fresh and hot. In line with Cherokee Cabin, a trip to Grannys Kitchen won't break the bank, with most meals costing under $7.00.

After breakfast, they also serve some nice meals for lunch and dinner. If you like deep fried Zucchini, make sure you give theirs a try. It is one of the best served at a commercial restaurant.

They also serve Indian Soul Food, with dishes like Brook Trout and Indian Tacos. That is one of the things that makes this diner so unique - you can go with safe bets that are very good, but you can also be adventurous and try some unique cusine.

Grannys Kitchen is also well know for their Southern hospitality. The staff has always been extremely helpful, which keeps us coming back for more. They are located about 2 miles from our Cherokee NC Cabin Rental and can be reached at 828-497-5010.

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