dillsboro smokehouseDillsboro Smokhouse BBQ is North Carolina Barbecue at its finest. It is a family-oriented full service restaurant specializing in hickory smoked beefs such as chicken, ribs, and turkey.

This isn't just your regular hole-in-the-wall barbeque restaurant though. There are signed menus on the wall from Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford, obtained when they were in town to shoot scenes for "The Fugitive".

The staff is friendly and the meals are reasonably priced with adult meals running about $7.50 per plate. They have a good selection of sauces to choose from.

For Lunch and Dinner they serve Barbecue Beef, BBQ Pork, Barbecue Chicken, Hickory Smoked Ham, Chicken Tenders, Smoked Turkey Breast, and Baby Back Ribs. They also offer a combination platter. The complete price range is from $4.00 to $13.95. They have a sandwich as well for everything mentioned above, and also serve a pretty good hamburger. If you are with a large group, they also serve all of their items by the pound.

They also have a kids menu for the little ones. And if you save enough room, you can get some fantastic Cobbler and Ice Cream for desert.

The Dillsboro Smokehouse BBQ is located roughly 16 miles from our cabin rental at 403 Haywood Rd in Dillsboro, NC. They can be reached at 828-586-9556.

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