cherokee fun park

Cherokee Fun Park can provide your family with a day of action-packed fun. It features go-cart tracks, a gigantic playboat pool, and several miniature golf courses. There are several rides suitable for small children. It also boast a large arcade with multiplayer games.

Go Carts

Cherokee Fun Park now features the Smoky Mountain Twister, an elevated track on which up to 25 go carts can race at the same time. There other track is called the Dominator, which is a mountain-road style paved course. This course is a bit faster than the Mountain Twister, but lacks as many elevation changes.

Playboat Pool

Have all the fun you would normally have with bumper cars but do it in the pool. With up to 10 rafts in the pool at anytime, you can be sure to have plenty of competition navigating your raft around the pool with its onboard steering wheel. For even more fun, blast your friends with the onbard squirt gun!

Miniature Golf

The park also boasts two Miniature Golf Courses. The newly updated lower golf course is their moderately difficult premier course. The second course is a mountain-side course that is a little less challenging than the lower course, but is nice in the middle of the summer becasu it offers a bit more shade.

Kiddie Rides

Eight special children rides are available. Specific rides include a ferris wheel, demolition derby, and mountain train ride. Also, in case it gets a little hot during the summer, they have an air conditioned arcade where you can go have some fun and cool off. The arcade features some multi-player modern games as well as some classics for us old-timers.

Cherokee Fun Park is usually only open during the summer peak season, so be sure to call ahead if you are heading up to Cherokee Cabin in early spring or fall. They can be reached at 828-497-5877.

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