biltmore houseUp until the 1970's, the music room existed as a simple space with just bare brick walls. It was decided to finish the room, and to design it to reflect the French Renaissance style of the neighboring Chateua. Biltmore Estate craftsman performed the restoration, and it was opened to the public in 1976.

The new room was also designed to display some outstanding art objects. Above the fireplace hangs one of Albrecht Durer's largest commissions for the emporer Maximillian I. The Triumphal Arch of Maximilian depicts his family tree, scenes from his life, and historic portraits of the nobility of the Holy Roman Empire. The work consists of 92 engraved blocks which form a print 11 1/4 feet high and almost 10 feet wide. His monogram and dates are inscribed on the mantel below. The mantel, designed by the original architect of the house, Richard Morris Hunt, had been stored in the house for eighty years before being installed.

To the right of the mantel is a rare set of Meissen Apostles. These twelve porcelain figures and candlesticks were modeled by the famous sculptor of the Meissen porcelain works, Johann Joachim Kandler. The apostles, with flying drapery outlined in gilt, are in the baroque manner and are modeled after those in the Lateran Church of Saint John in Rome, Italy. Complete altar sets were made between 1735 and 1741 for the Empress Amalia and the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, the Empress Catherine of Russia, and Pope Clement XII. The set at Biltmore House is the only complete set still in existence marked with the Austrian crest.

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The Biltmore House is located about 60 miles from Cherokee Cabin. It is one of the most visited historical sites in America, and we definitely recommend a trip to Asheville during your stay at our cabin rental.