biltmore houseThe billiard room of the Biltmore Estate is part of a suite of rooms built to provide entertainment and a retreat for the men of the household. Through the doors concealed in the paneling of the fireplace wall, there is also a smoking room and a gun room. The oak pool and billiard tables are 19th-century American and appear to have been custom designed for the room. The leather settees and chairs were manufactured by Morant and Company in London, England.

The Banquet Hall features ceiling arches that tower 70 feet above the 72 x 42 foot room. The room was built to display the five unique tapestries that hang on the walls. They tell the lively story of the perilous love affair between Venus and Mars, which was threatened by her husband Vulcan, and humorously treated by the other gods who had to intervene to restore peace. The set probably originally contained 7 pieces, as was the norm for the time. No one knows who designed the beautiful tapestries. All of the tapestries in the Biltmore House were washed, repaired, and re-stitched by Biltmore employees in the 1990's as part of a conservation effort.

The acoustics of the hall were designed so well that two people sitting on opposite ends of the banquet hall table do not have to raise their voices in order to be heard. Due to the size of the room, the table was specially designed by the lead architect, Richard M. Hunt. High above the fireplace in the banquet hall hangs the Vanderbilt family crest, crowned by flags of the great powers of the 15th century.

There are more carvings by Karl Bitter in the banquet hall, as well as a statue of Joan of Arc and Saint Louis. Completing the medieval spirit of the room are trophies of armor over each door and flags hanging gaily above. These flags are replicas of the thirteen original US colonies and the Biltnore Estate World War I Service Flag.

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The Biltmore House is located about 60 miles from Cherokee Cabin. It is one of the most visited historical sites in America, and we definitely recommend a trip to Asheville during your stay at our cabin rental.