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Cherokee is a town in Swain County, North Carolina. The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians have called it home for many years. It is also a tourist-oriented area, located at the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the site of a Harrah's Cherokee casino. It is located in western North Carolina on the Oconaluftee River and the Qualla Reservation, and on U.S. Highway 441. An outdoor drama depicting the Eastern Band's story, Unto These Hills, is presented annually during the tourist season.



Cherokee NC has been going through a transformation of sorts. If you have ever visited in the past, you will remember that it is filled with "tacky" shops and attractions throughout. The arrival of Harrah's Cherokee has brought big money to a once poor area. The Eastern Band of Cherokee are reaping some of the monetary benefits of the casino, and this has started to change the tribe's thinking. Before the arrival of the casino, most of the tourist traps were there as a way for tribe members to make some money. Now, the tribe realizes that some of these shops and attractions are driving people away from Harrah's, which is now the main source of income for the Eastern Band of Cherokee. A huge initiative is under way to clean up the area, and the results are already noticable.



The Mountains of North Carolina range from 800 feet to over 6,600 feet and topography affects the local weather. Expect temperatures to be 10 to 20 degrees cooler on the mountaintops. Spring is unpredictable, particularly on top of some of the larger mountains. Snow may fall in March, but by May, things warm up with daytime highs in the 80s. Summer is warm and humid, but more pleasant at the higher elevations. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are common in the summertime. Winter is generally moderate, but extreme conditions can occur in the mountains. It's not unusual to have warm temperatures in the valleys and snow in the mountain elevations. In the lowlands, snows of one inch or more occur just 1-5 times per year, almost entirely in January. More frequent and deeper snows fall at the higher elevations.


Month High Temp Low Temp Rainfall Snow
January 47°F 21°F 5.97 in. 4.60 in.
February 52°F 23°F 4.94 in. 2.80 in.
March 60°F 29°F 6.13 in. 1.60 in.
April 69°F 36°F 4.57 in. 0.90 in.
May 76°F 45°F 5.48 in. 0.00 in.
June 82°F 53°F 4.71 in. 0.00 in.
July 85°F 57°F 4.79 in. 0.00 in.
August 84°F 56°F 4.34 in. 0.00 in.
September 80°F 50°F 4.07 in. 0.00 in.
October 71°F 37°F 3.42 in. 0.00 in.
November 60°F 29°F 4.75 in. 0.00 in.
December 51°F 23°F 5.21 in. 0.00 in.

The mountains can provide a nice break from the climates of other US cities during the summer. It is not uncommon to start having 50 degree mornings as early as August. Or, if you are into the severe cold, head up in January and you are bound to see some falling, especially in the higher elevations of the Smoky Mountains. However, many of the roads can close unexpectedly, so be careful if you are travelling to far from Cherokee Cabin during the winter months..