Cherokee Cabin Directions

How to get to our Cherokee NC Cabin Rental

Cherokee Cabin Directions

4 Major Routes to Cherokee and the southern entrance of the Smoky Mountain National Park

There are essentially four major routes into Cherokee: Asheville from the East, Atlanta from the South, Chattanooga from the West, and Knoxville from the North. If you would like detailed directions from your exact location, we recommend Google Maps to create your own custom map for your trip. Below you will see directions from each of these major routes. Specific directions to Cherokee Cabin are supplied upon reservation.


 cherokee-arrow From Asheville, North Carolina to Cherokee, North Carolina
    50 Miles
    Travel time approximately 1 hour
  1. Begin I-240 West.
  2. I-240 West becomes US-19 South.
  3. Take the I-240 West exit toward I-40
  4. Use exit #1A onto I-40 West toward Knoxville / Canton.
  5. Take exit #27 onto US-74 West.
  6. Take ramp toward Maggie/Cherokee/Junaluska Assembly.
  7. Continue on Dellwood Road.[US-19]
  8. Continue to US-19.
  9. Make a Hard Right Turn on Johnson Arch Road.
  10. Arrive at the center of Cherokee.


 cherokee-arrow From Atlanta, Georgia to Cherokee, North Carolina
    160 Miles
    Travel time approximately 3 hours 20 minutes
  1. Begin on I-85 North.
  2. Take Left at fork onto I-985 North toward Gainesville.
  3. I-985 North becomes Gainesville Conn[US-23].
  4. Continue to stay on US-23 North.
  5. US-23 North becomes US-441 North..
  6. Turn right on OLD US-441[NC-1391].
  7. Turn right on US-19.
  8. Turn left on BIA-468.
  9. Arrive at the center of Cherokee.


 cherokee-arrow From Chattanooga, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina
    148 Miles
    Travel time approximately 3 hours 30 minutes
  1. Begin on US-27 South
  2. US-27 South becomes I-24 East.
  3. Take a left on exit #185B onto I-75 North toward Knoxville
  4. Use exit #20/US-64-BYP onto APD 40[US-74] toward Cleveland
  5. Take ramp onto Old Cooper Road[US-74] toward Ocoee.
  6. Continue to follow US-74 East.
  7. Take exit #69/Hyatt Creek Road toward ELA.
  8. Turn left on Hyatt Crekk Road[NC-1190].
  9. Turn right on ELA RD[US-19].
  10. Bear a right to remain on US-19.
  11. Bear a left on Johgnson Arch Road.
  12. Arrive at the center of Cherokee.


 cherokee-arrow From Knoxville, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina
    77 Miles
    Travel time approximately 2 hours
  1. Begin on I-40 East.
  2. Take exit #407/TN-66 toward Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg.
  3. Turn on Winfield Dunn Parkway[TN-66].
  4. Continue on Forks of the River Parkway[US-441].
  5. Turn right to follow US-441 South.
  6. Turn left on US-19 .
  7. Bear left on Johnson Arch Road.
  8. Arrive at the center of Cherokee.

Upon your reservation with our Smoky Mountain Cabin we will send complete directions. For security purposes, we do not post the exact address on the internet. If you would like to know the exact location because you will need to be in a particular part of Cherokee, please send us an email and we will respond with the exact address of Cherokee Cabin.

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